Why Choose Us?

What To Look for With Your Current Provider When Comparing:

  1. Do they offer free 240v smoke alarm replacements?
    • There may be restrictions on this such as only replacing alarms installed since 2010.  An approved smoke alarm has a minimum service life of 10 years.
    • What is the price difference in the long term?
  2. Do they remove expired smoke alarms?
    • A property with an expired smoke alarm installed is not compliant under legislation.  We have encountered many properties where expired smoke alarms have been left installed.
  3. Are you under a contract?
    • What happens if you sell the property or wish to change to another service provider while under a contract?  No one really wants to be locked into a fixed term contract and we do not require any such commitment.
  4. Does your current provider offer incentives of any kind to keep your property with them?
    • This type of marketing may result in benefits for property management services.  But as an investment property owner it would be expected that your property management agency is looking after your best interests by finding the best service solution for YOU.  Our Annual Maintenance Plan is of high quality, ensures compliance and is very competitive.
  5. Is smoke alarm compliance being completed by an on-site property manager?
    • How do you know the property manager is correctly fulfilling your obligations as the owner?  We often hear of on-site property managers performing their own compliance checks incorrectly.  There are a number of specific requirements to be done for each property to receive a tick of approval.   Is it worth the risk to place this responsibility on to the property manager?
  6. What type of smoke alarms are being used as replacements or new installations?
    • Under current QLD legislation all new smoke alarms in compliance required areas must comply with AS3786-2014. We use trusted and reliable brands.
  7. Is their plan straight forward?
    • You may find yourself being offered several different options but how do you know what’s the best value for you?  We offer a very affordable and easy solution with very clear terms.


Why Choose Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms?

  • Competitive prices – why should you or your customers pay more?
  • We have a high customer service standard
  • Customised service
  • Professional advice
  • Thorough inspections
  • Extensive initial assessment of properties including photos of faulty or expired smoke alarms when possible
  • Customised reporting available
  • Modern software management for precise tracking of all our clients
  • Up to date software backup and storage to keep our records safe and secure
  • Reliable and efficient
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