2022 Compliance Plan – $120/Yr*

$40 OFF for properties with 3 or less smoke alarms!#

NEW Queensland compliance standards are required for:

  • Newly built or significantly renovated properties from January 2017
  • All rental properties by January 2022
  • All properties sold from January 2022 onwards
  • All domestic dwellings by January 2027

This plan is the minimum required for properties in line with the new legislative standard and includes the following benefits:

  • Unlimited call outs for smoke alarm compliance
  • Verification that all smoke alarms required for compliance meet legislative requirements
  • Cleaning, inspection and testing of smoke alarms for each change in tenancy
  • 5 year warranty on all smoke alarms installed or replaced by Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms
  • Replacement of or installation of new smoke alarms charged per 2022 Compliance Pricing (see below)
  • Service Report listing smoke alarm locations and details
  • Additional services available


Once off Inspection – $60/Visit*


Charges determined for each call and dependent on service and parts required.  Ideal for meeting house sale legal smoke alarm requirements or for the owner/occupier to have their smoke alarms cleaned, tested, batteries changed and confirmed to be within their service life – did you know that smoke alarms have an expiry?

  • $60 Call out fee
  • Cleaning and inspection of all smoke alarms
  • Professional advice
  • Re-positioning of battery powered smoke alarms to minimise false alarms or improve smoke detection
  • Removal of unnecessary and faulty or expired smoke alarms as required where no electrical work is necessary
  • Safety Compliance Report
  • Replacement or installation of new smoke alarms per the Pricing Schedule (see below)


Regulations used for assessment of smoke alarms
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990
Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008
Electrical Safety Act 2002 – only for electrical work carried out where applicable

AS1670.4 for Best Practice of alarm distance measurement

Corded Window Compliance

Available as an add-on to your chosen annual plan.  Each time we visit this property the window coverings will be examined to ensure they are consistently kept as safe as possible – window coverings can become worn or damaged over time, cords may need to be re-tensioned, warning labels can be removed and tensioning devices can become damaged or worn over time.  Corded window compliance includes the following:

  • Installation of tension devices and cord wraps
  • Installation of warning tags
  • Reporting to identify any window coverings which are not able to be made safe after each visit
  • Cost of $5 per window covering where adjustments for safety are required (such as installing tension devices, adjusting cord length, installing cleats or adding warning tags)
  • Safety information sheet provided for tenants
  • Does not include repair of window coverings


Pricing Schedules

2022 Compliance Pricing*

Description Price (Incl GST)
2022 Compliance Plan $120 per year
2022 upgrades – fixed pricing based on the number of bedrooms in a property Call Us
Replacement of expired, faulty or missing smoke alarm.  Existing wireless interconnection setups require compatible replacements. $Quote


Additional Services^

Description Price (Incl GST)
Safety Switch Checking $7 per year
Window Compliance
All window coverings in the property inspected for safety. There is an additional $5 charge per window covering that needs to be adjusted (first visit only)
$24 per year
Total Compliance Bundle
Add Window Compliance and Safety Switch Checking to your smoke alarm compliance annual plan
$24 per year
3rd Party Software Fee Surcharge – Applied to each invoice where work orders are received via these systems Varies






^Additional Services Summary:

Safety switch checking performed during smoke alarm inspection. Includes verification safety switch is installed and testing of RCD when possible.  Unfettered access to safety switches required.

Blocked access to corded window coverings will prevent the attending technician from assessing and/or adjusting these window coverings.

*All products and services are subject Terms and Conditions.  Prices quoted are per individual property.  Any 3rd party software surcharge fees incurred by us will be added to the invoice – only applies to work orders received via these systems.  A Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms technician will reasonably estimate the build date of the property listed on this Service Report. The
building class of this property will also be reasonably estimated by a Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms technician as such. Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms is not a building surveyor and it is the responsibility of the owner or agent acting on behalf of the owner to notify Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms of the building classification, date when the property was built and if there have been any significant renovations to the property.

Eligibility Criteria: Available to property management agencies only.  Min of 20 properties required to be enrolled on a current 12 month plan.

#Discount available to properties enrolled in a 2022 Compliance Plan only.  Offer not valid with any other offers.

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