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Smoke alarm compliance for rental properties, installation and maintenance

Dragon Shield Smoke Alarms is about making your job easier and offering a quality and reliable service.

These are just a few of the benefits we can offer property managers and landlords:

  • Some property managers may be unaware of the correct procedure for performing smoke alarm compliance and while the intention is good, they are not actually complying with the legislation.  Such as going around once a year, pushing the test button and replacing batteries – there is more to be done than this and that is where we come in.
  • We maintain a detailed database for all properties we service allowing us to provide the necessary documentation for proof of compliance.
  • We are happy to liaise directly with tenants and issue entry notices on your behalf.  All correspondence can be provided upon request.
  • Legislative requirements need to be understood in order to ensure compliance.  Our service takes away the need for you to learn and stay up to date with smoke alarm laws for your property.
  • Being a local business means that your urgent service needs can be attended to quickly.
  • Your Safety Compliance Report provides you with detailed information about the smoke alarms installed in each property.

We are quite happy to offer our services to those who own the homes they are living in.  We offer the same level of professional and quality service for your home as we do all of our clients.  Smoke alarms save lives and having the right type of alarms and in the right locations could make a big difference in your home.  In our initial visit we will assess your home for smoke alarm coverage and offer any suggestions we may find.

Please view our current pricing guide and terms and conditions page for details about our fees or contact us with any questions you may have.

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